Chequerboard Cheese Board – Purpleheart & Maple


Cheese Board
Chequerboard effect
Maple & Purpleheart


Slight Second

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A funky chequerboard cheese board made from Canadian Hard Maple and Purpleheart squares
Only the first one of these I have made, and I made a few rookie errors – if you look closely you can see that some of the squares don’t quite line up, I have learned from my mistake, so will offer this as a slight second 🙂

A simple design with rounded edges – made from edge grain hardwoods which will be easier on the knife blade and will be more resilient to scratches than face grain boards

***Please note – my natural wooden boards are NOT dishwasher safe***
Please clean after use with a damp cloth and dry straight away. DO NOT soak in water – it can cause the board to warp or even worse – split!
To keep your board in tip top condition for years to come, I recommend periodically applying some beeswax and oil board conditioner (a small pot is supplied with the board and provides enough for 2 or 3 applications)



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