Hardwood cheese board – Maple, Walnut, Padauk


Canadian Maple
American Walnut
Exotic Padauk accents
Cheese board (25cm x 40cm)
Hand crafted
Walnut handle with hanging hole

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Hand crafted custom made small cheese board made from Canadian Maple with American Walnut and exotic Padauk (25cm wide and 40cm long, 2cm deep)

Made in small batches from the highest quality sustainable woods from around the world, each board is unique due to the amazing grain patterns within.
A simply designed cheese board with rounded edges and a hande.

Sanded super smooth, oiled with a food safe mineral oil to waterproof the wood and finished with a natural beeswax and mineral oil board conditioner to preserve the wood and give it a wonderful smooth surface.

A beautiful piece to grace any kitchen or dining room.

***Please note – my natural wooden boards are NOT dishwasher safe***
Please clean after use with a damp cloth and dry straight away. DO NOT soak in water – it can cause the board to warp or even worse – split!
To keep your board in tip top condition for years to come, I recommend periodically applying some beeswax and oil board conditioner (a small pot is supplied with the board and provides enough for 2 or 3 applications)